Safety Certified








The seal above is awarded to providers that have successfully completed inflatable operation training.

Big Air Bouncers prides itself on Safety and Service.

We believe that safety is essential in providing our customers with an enjoyable inflatable experience.
Big Air Bouncers has recieved training from

Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization

We are certified in safe inflatable operations.

click on the above link to verify we are safety certified.
We are dedicated and commited to bringing you a safe and enjoyable experience.

As a consumer, you may want to ask your provider a few basic questions:

      1.   Are they insured and will they supply a copy of the insurance certificate?

            Big Air Bouncers has general liability insurance and will provide a certificate upon request.

      2.   Are they trained/experienced in inflatable operations?

            Big Air Bouncers has completed inflatable training and is certfied for Safe operations.

      3.   What safety measures do they provide YOU with?

            Big Air Bouncers reviews operation and safety guidlines with YOU, and safety guidlines are printed on the Bouncer.

Price should not even be a consideration!

After the operator arrives, they should do the following and it is your job to pay attention to help make sure its done properly.

A tarp should be placed on the ground to protect the bottom of the unit.

  1. The unit should be staked down or heavily weighted down with ground weights or sandbags.
  2. When the unit is inflated make sure there are no rips or holes visible.
  3. Make sure the unit is fully inflated and not sagging anywhere.

The operator MUST cover all operating and safety procedures verbally, and should leave printed instructions as well.

It is your responsibility to ask questions if you do not understand anything particular.

After the operator leaves, you should always:

Attend the unit at all times.

  1. Keep children age 3 and under OUT of the unit.
  2. Make sure all children are grouped according to SIZE.
  3. DO NOT exceed the maximum ride capacity at any time.
  4. Perform safety checks of the equipment frequently. Operators will show you how.
  5. Turn the unit off during inclement weather or high winds.
  6. Seek medical attention for ALL injuries IF they occur.
  7. Follow ALL posted safety rules at all times.

These simple tips will help keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the rental of your inflatable. Remember, safety first, safety always! Safety is everyone's job!