Frequently Asked Questions

      Are inflatable units safe?  Yes. BIG AIR BOUNCERS has the highest quality inflatable units that are not only great looking but meet the standards and requirements of the Inflatable industry. All of our units include the front step to ensure the safety of the kids getting in and out of the bouncer. Our Bouncers also include an emergency exit in the event of a premature deflation of the moonwalk. All of our units were manufactured here in the U.S. with the strongest, fire retardant materials.  Our Bouncers are 100% Lead-Free. BIG AIR BOUNCERS secures your unit for safe and enjoyable fun.

      What is included in the rental price?  The price includes the delivery (not less than 15 minutes prior to Start time) set-up of the Bouncer for your event. At the end of the event, BIG AIR BOUNCERS will return to take - down the unit. BIG AIR BOUNCERS will supply an attendant (for an additional charge). Your only responsibility would be to ensure that the kids are behaving according to the rules to ensure a safe, fun event.

      When should I reserve a unit?   It is suggested that you reserve your unit 2-3 weeks in advance, especially in the summer time.  However, last minute reservations can be done.

      What forms of payment does BIG AIR BOUNCERS accept?

            BIG AIR BOUNCERS currently accepts Cash, checks, credit and debit. There is an additional $5 charge for credit or debit.

      When is payment due? Payment is due upon arrival at the location of the event in which the inflatable is to be set-up.

      Does BIG AIR BOUNCERS rent other party item such as tables and chairs? No, BIG AIR BOUNCERS does not carry other party items at this time. However, we would be happy to assist you in securing and delivering items from other rental companies.

      Is there a cancellation policy? We expect to be notified of a cancellation at least a week in advance that we can accommodate other reservations accordingly.

      What if there is severe weather in the forecast? We will make a decision in regards to weather prior to your event.  If you cancel due to severe weather concerns, you won’t be charged for the event. BIG AIR BOUNCERS also reserves the right to cancel the delivery during severe weather conditions.

       What is required for set-up of an inflatable unit?  A leveled grassy area is preferred for set-up. An electrical outlet within 100 feet is also required. If needed BIG AIR BOUNCERS will supply a generator at a nominal fee.

      Are the units clean?  BIG AIR BOUNCERS takes pride in cleaning its units after every use. Units are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized so that it comes to you clean and looking brand new.

      What times are BIG AIR BOUNCERS available and how far will BIG AIR BOUNCERS travel? BIG AIR BOUNCERS is open for business 7 days a week. We are open to serve all of Kalamazoo County, and the Southwest Michigan area.  We are based in Richland, MI.  We offer free delivery within 20 miles of Richland. We will delivery outside of 20 miles for a delivery charge of 1.00/mile one way. example: Richand,MI to Holland MI is 48 miles one way, therefore the delivery fee would be 48 x 1.00 Your Delivery charge would be $48.00